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Arm yourself with the education, activation and inspiration to change your life.

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Remarkable girl, you never have a reason to be bored.
Want to learn to code? Become a coach? Start a business? Go into fashion?

Explore and discover organizations, programs, internships and opportunities available to you in your own backyard. Join new communities, gain life skills, repave your path forward.

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Here, we know that achieving success, however you define it, can’t just be a notion, a thought, or a dream. It has to be backed up by something. You need a foundation from which to begin.

And, these skillsets and tools don’t just magically appear. It takes practice, but also one must have ACCESS to opportunities that will bring these to life in everyday situations.

I AM Mahogany Fox provides young girls like you, beginning in the middle and high school grades, an opportunity to develop smart viewpoints and a meaningful voice that ensures formidable visibility in today’s global marketplace.

You need a Viewpoint.
You need a Voice.
And you need Visibility.

You are not in a box.
You are Mahogany Fox

Be ready, stay ready, so you don’t
have to get ready.

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